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Neon Genesis Evangelion live-action movie project's Journal
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Below are the 13 most recent journal entries recorded in Neon Genesis Evangelion live-action movie project's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006
5:00 pm
Have you guys heard any of this yet?:

"Moonphase Diary reports: forget what the previous leaks had mentioned! This new Eva project will consist of 4 brand new theatrical films — where the first is scheduled to premiere next Summer 2007, tentatively titled, “Evangelion Shin Gekijou-ban” (Evangelion: The New Movie). All 4 films are said to be set in a continuous storyline. However, the content may be different from that of the original Shin Seiki Evangelion TV series. Please note, this is not a remake nor a sequel. This is an all new production for the franchise. There’s also word that viewers may also be able to jump into this new story and be able to enjoy it without previous knowledge of the NGE TV series."

More Sources
1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

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Wednesday, May 10th, 2006
5:54 pm
There's more promising news about EVA live-action.


* Matt Greenfield says that Weta approached ADV about approaching Gainax to do a live action Eva movie.
* Three "A List" directors that are also fans of Evangelion approached ADV about the project, not the other way around.
* Greenfield talks about getting their pitch package together and that "the first thing is Robin Williams talking about Evangelion", who is apparently a big Evangelion fan, and the appearance of the Mass Production Eva toy in One Hour Photo is entirely his doing.
* Celebrities have been inquiring directly to ADV about being involved in Live Action Evangelion.
* The director to be signed will most likely be the first to have room in their schedule.
* Greenfield acknowledges the uncertainty of the final product due to the nature of film making being driven by the director.
* The slug script was written by a well known writer who has written several well known sci-fi movies. The slug script will be re-written to fit the tastes and vision of the director selected.
* Greenfield acknowledges that the children will most likely be age appropriate. The kids will be picked and then the adults will be cast to work well with the children.
* Tiffany Grant asserts that Weta gets 20 times more email about Evangelion than Lord of the Rings.
* Greenfield says a director will most likely be signed by the end of the year.
* Greenfiled says they don't want to make it for profit, but because they want to do it, and they want to do it right, and do it justice in the same way that Lord of the Rings did.

So nothing is written in stone yet, but everyone is stll commited to getting the movie done right.

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Friday, March 17th, 2006
9:55 am
It seems Anno knows someone who he thinks has the chops to be a real life Asuka. http://aintitcool.com/display.cgi?id=22758

"Evangelion creator/director Hideaki Anno suggested Emma Watson for the role of Asuka in the live action adaptation, but by the time filming is likely to start, she will be far too old. Ultimately, whichever actors are picked to play the four pilots, they are currently very young, and most likely, not on the general radar."

It is a shame Watson would clearly be too old for Asuka. She was looking pretty cute in the last Harry Potter movie.

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Friday, March 3rd, 2006
8:19 am
http://filmforce.ign.com/articles/691/691631p1.html has an interesting bit of news about the movie that came out at the New York Comic Con.

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Tuesday, February 21st, 2006
10:10 pm
Hi everyone, i'm a new member, and first thing i'd like to say is big THANK YOU for this community, guys!

How about uploading of Eva series?! xD

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Friday, February 17th, 2006
12:01 am
Hey, does anyone know if there's an RSS feed on livejournal for the Eva Live Action site ( http://eva.trivialbeing.net/ ) ?
Monday, January 23rd, 2006
10:37 pm
First off, I'd like to say hello. I'm a new member, obviously and would like to extend greetings to everyone already present.

I apologise if I may rehash any old information (and/or whines, sorry!), but I thought I'd explain my feelings on the EVA live action project just so everyone knows where I stand. :) No offense meant, I assure you.

When I first saw a few snippets of concept art in Newtype monthly I regarded them with mixed emotions. I was like, HUZZAH .. new EVA stuff. But at the same time I realised we were dealing with a different mix of people. And frankly, I'm a bit nervous. I get a tingly, jumpy feeling just thinking about it. The concept art is nice, but I'm afraid the artists are taking a bit too much creative liberty. I'm seeing things not in the original production, and that's where I start to get afraid. As an artist, I'm an advocate of creative liberty, but I fear they'll take it too far.

One area was the bestial qualities of the Evangelion models. They look alot more organic than they did in the original. I understand animation is a restricting thing as far as details are concerned, but the Evas had a very distinct look which I found to be perfect. The fact that these original models are being toyed with irks me just a bit. They've changed it down to the "footwear", making the Evas look like they have bony, clawed feet rather than the boot-like appearance I'm familiar with. I do like the concept art, and I do like how they've expanded on certain aspects, like making the plug suits more elaborate and such, I just wish they'd calm down on the Eva upgrades. Leave my Evas be!

I do think my Unit-02 is coming along well, at least facially. I was afraid I'd hate how they did the facial plating, but I was surprised at how good it looks. :)

I could go on for hours about the looks, and about the preservation of the original symbolism. I DON'T WANT TO SEE THIS FILM WATERED DOWN. I loved how Anno came out with a completely raw, controversial story, and I don't want to see people editing the film until it's a sweet little giant robot show. If I wanted that I'd watch Gundam. They had better have a bunch of open-minded people with some BALLS. Or this project has no future.

As for actors, I will cry -- and I'm serious -- tears of pain and pity if they mess too much with the characters. I fear a relocation of the action to some other country such as Britain or even the US, and for that I will be pissed. It would do away with the quaint Japanese feel that the anime had, and turn it into sweaty, burly, whiny American film. It would remove that feel of Asuka's alienation if she showed up in America. I'd bet that the transition from Germany to Tokyo-3 is alot harder than it is from Germany to New York. At least we all use a similar alphabet. Asuka never really seemed at home in Japan, and that fed into her character. Switch countries and she loses some of her multifaceted characterisation. Simply wrong.

I saw, let's keep things Japanese. Let's keep things in Tokyo-3. The setting needs to stay put, but the characters can be American. I think I can deal with that. They cannot, and I mean, CANNOT pull from Europe unless they can train them to do away with their accents. No one should sound British, because that wouldn't make sense now would it? If Asuka had some German flair to her voice that'd be cool. The animation didn't have Japanese-esque looking characters, and so I can stand that. Shinji, however, should look somewhat Japanese ideally.

Finally, on big names. There shouldn't be any. I don't think this film need any to carry it. Especially because that would be absolutely terrible for the film itself. I can picture all the major entertaiment shows (EXTRA, ET, etc.) doting on it for weeks and totally butchering the experience. I could do without that infinite heartache.

I'd say I'm about done with my rantings. Again, I apologise for rehashing or misspeaking. I've only read a few articles and seen the concept art. Do correct me if I'm wrong. Just expressing my concerns!

I thank you for hearing me out! ;D

Much love all!

-- Ritsuka

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Thursday, December 29th, 2005
1:28 am
About casting
If there is one thing to consider about casting, it's this:

famous names don't mean a great movie!

I'd rather see an unknown actor who fits the part without of big changes to the script.

And don't change character names to westernize the sript. This is not supposed to be like a mass marketed dub for TV.

Although, not to sound offensive, but if need be, find actors who can pass for part Japanese. For example, Brandon Lee was half Chinese, but he did not show strong Chinese looks. And while I am not famous, the majority of my ethnic background is Latino and Native American, but I look white because one parent is part Irish. Genetics are not really simple.

I just want to see them stay true to the characters and not get obsurd with the casting/effects/story and especially the acting.

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Friday, July 29th, 2005
3:44 pm
Evangelion... hope it stays true...
I'm a new member, so you can all gang up on me and kill me if you want... but I think the movie will at least a decent movie. Now, this is consittering a few things.
First off, is there is no way ADV, being a part of the creating program, will let it get TOO screwed up. It will at least stay true to the basic storyline.
Second, and this I'm sure you are all aware of, the special effects ARE going to be spectacular. However, if overdone, they could very well become a weak point. If they do TOO good a job making the evas look shiny and cool, they may detract from the symbolism of the designs. (Representing the guardians to hell and all)
Third. Now, this thing is packed full of symbolism. Even if they tried, unless they pull a Jurassic Park Lost World on us and change the story 100% from the origional, the symbolism is GOING to be there somewhere.
As for westernizing it, no, i don't agree, and think the people who do should be shot. I mean, who really cares if the name is Rei or Ray... no one but the people who are ALREADY Evangelion fans... and they perfer Rei...
And I personally vote for keeping it set in Tokyo. Changing that would just be stupid.
And... I'm sorry, Changing Shinji's name, even if played by an american or british kid... Well... Think about this... What if they changed the name of Harry Potter for the movie just because it's comming out in the Germany. Who'd go see the movie Freddy Swartz and the Sorcerer's Stone. They should at least leave some sort of homage to the origional if they do change the character's names.

Anyway, comment and point out any points you want to. If you give points saying "they're going to keep it in Tokyo" or somthing like that, I'll just be glad to hear it.
Monday, August 30th, 2004
3:51 pm
hi, i'm new. to be honest, i expect the live action movie to be quite a disaster. i seriously doubt the following aspects will be presented properly:

  • music. i think they should use the same music from the series, but they'll probably create brand new compositions
  • "minor" characters will not be given enough screen time due to time constraints. similar to the x-men movies, a handful of characters will be touted as the "main" characters and character development on favorites will be scrapped. in particular, i imagine ritsuko akagi will not be developed fully.
  • the whole shinji-kaworu "love" thing will be played down. i'm sure american audiences could not handle the thought of the protagonist *possibly* being gay...
  • much insane religious symbolism will be dropped. although difficult to grasp, the heavy symbolism of evangelion was one of its trademarks. i have a feeling it will be lightened in the live action movie to be less... offensive?
  • Monday, July 12th, 2004
    3:52 pm
    Just to let you know...
    I was on adult swim to come upon this topic stearted by: SimonBelmont


    Almost a month ago I sent an E-mail to Tiffany Grant (voice actress of Asuka and wife of Matt Greenfield spearhead of the project) and here it is:

    In the dvd eva ressurection, in the pics why is Asuka's name Kate Rose, also
    why do the pilots look in there 20s, and one more, why is Rei's name spelled

    My friends and I have contimplated on this for quite a while and we have no
    idea what this could mean, but please, please tell me that they are not
    Americanizing Evangelion.

    A yes or no answer would be fine on the last one.(But I understand if you
    can't answer any)

    Any ways other than those minor problems I love the idea of this movie and
    think it is genious.

    Oh yeah cant forget that you are my favorite anime actress all the animes
    you have done are spectacular.Blah Blah Blah im sure you heard all of this

    She answered almost immediately with this:

    Hi there - Yes, I can help you out, but you will need to wait until next week as I am on my way out of town. Remember that the live action movie is in very early stages of pre-production and nothing is set in stone.


    Tiffany Grant

    And almost a month later she finally answered my question:

    Hi there,

    Since I have gotten several emails regarding the Eva movies, I wrote a short essay which should answer all your questions. Let me know if I missed something! - TG

    This wasn't in there:
    >>> why is Rei's name spelled Ray???

    They sound the same. It's a typo. If you only heard the show, and never saw her name written down, you could easily make the same mistake.

    Here's the rest:

    First off, there are 26 TV episodes and two movies in the Eva library. The first goal is to produce a movie that encapsulates the most important elements of the early part of the series so that the viewer will not have to have seen the aforementioned 15 or so hours of video - AND - leave room for one or two (maybe more?) follow up films that can finish off the story.

    The movie is being produced jointly by Gainax (of course), ADV and WETA. If you are somehow NOT familiar with the WETA Workshop, this is the incredible studio founded by Peter Jackson in New Zealand that created the Lord of the Rings films. By watching the fantastic documentaries on the LOTR DVDs, you can get an excellent idea of the kind of attention to detail that is being given to everything.

    Also, if you have read the LOTR, I think you will see that the characters in that iconic tome have been very faithfully brought to life. In fact, in a film adaptation of the second most read book in the English language (the Bible is the first), it is pretty well unanimously agreed that WETA got it exactly right. Bearing that in mind, I have every reason to have confidence that the same folks who hand glued every hair on each hobbit foot, will do a spectacular job with our NGE heroes.

    Keep in mind that WETA will not be doing this in a vacuum either, as they will be supervised by people at both Gainax and ADV (such as my husband, of course).

    As for the "slug" names used in the preliminary script (NOT the final version!!!) which appear on the production drawings, they are only used so as not to refer to them as "Pilot A" and "Captain B" etc. As has been widely discussed, the cast will be international, and mostly of European descent. Meaning, for example, if Daniel Radcliffe (Anime Insider's suggestion - NOT mine!) were to play the lead male role, it would be pretty stupid to call an ENGLISH boy "Shinji." Therefore, "Kate Rose" for example is the name they are using for the designs is in place of "Pilot of 02" or whatever.

    As no actors have yet been cast, the pre-production drawings are simply pictures that are drawn of imaginary people in place of having a headless plug suit. The artists are trying to design what a real-life plug suit will look like, and it would seem easier to do (and better to look at!) if the person also has a head. Remember - we don't know what the suits are even made of! Rubber? Plastic? Leather? The sketches are part of the early costuming process, and I am quite certain that when a director is found, he or she will seek out the best people for the roles. It seems doubtfull that they would try to find a person to match a drawing.

    It may also be of interest to note that there is a geuine desire to cast kids of the right age to play the main roles - NOT 22 year-olds to "play younger." Therefore, it is difficult to speculate at this early stage on who will play these roles since it is not possible to tell right now when principal filming will begin.

    The show is in VERY early stages of pre-production, so nothing is final yet. ADV was just trying to share a little Eva goodness with everyone by showing off some of the thousands of production drawings that have been produced. I think they are fabulous, personally, and I eagerly await each new development in the project.

    I believe you can all rest easy knowing that the films will be everything and more that we ever thought they could be.

    THANK GOD, I thought they were going to Americanize Evangelion also. XDXDXDXDXD Happiness! :] Not sure if this is true though...
    Thursday, July 1st, 2004
    12:23 am
    Just a note, they said that Kate Rose is one of the designers...

    Plus, since the movie is still in the early stages of development, it's not exactly clear on weather they are or aren't going to use the character's original names.

    And, for those who want to keep track of live-action Eva's production, it now has it's own IMDB Page.
    So far, it's just being labled as "Untitled Evangelion Project," but I'm sure it'll change in the future.

    - Tami
    Tuesday, January 20th, 2004
    9:45 am
    ... I bring you new concept art from WETA.

    Let me voice my two cents about it, then ya'll can go hog wild.

    I actually like the sketches for the Eva Units themselves. And as far as the background and what we can assume to be the NERV headquarters sketches go, I don't mind them. Though I would have stuck a little more closely to the original than they did, I'd say that the designers did a pretty good job.

    Now on to my bitchy part. And I'll try to refrain from using profanity. It appears as though they changed the names for the characters to sound more American. Rei is now Ray (ooooo ... clever, I would never have thought to change it to that), Asuka is now Kate, and Misato is now Susan. Now, there is speculation that these names are actually the names of the designers who drew them. I would like to say that you are wrong. Look closely at the pictures. The name of the designer is written under the character names. Like under Susan it says Greg-Something-or-Other. Speaking of Greg, I would like to personally thank him for fucking up Misatos character already. Why does she look like Lara Croft? Why isn't she wearing a military officers uniform? Ugh. This part is the one that pisses me off the most people.
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